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Cabbage Juice — Crazy Healthy, Or Just Plain Crazy?

Cabbage may not get as much hype as kale, but it’s no less of a powerhouse in the nutrition department.

Cabbage may not get as much hype as kale, but it’s no less of a powerhouse in the nutrition department. In fact, both kale and cabbage come from the same family (Brassica oleracea). Nutritionists now know that cabbage is loaded with healing vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. With so many health benefits, it’s no surprise that more people are considering adding cabbage to their morning routine. 

OK, cabbage isn’t as trendy as celery in the juicing community, but it has gained a dedicated following on social media. Notably, patients with gut issues often claim cabbage juice helps manage their symptoms. So, is there any science to back up these claims?  

Why Would Anyone Juice A Cabbage? 

Although there aren’t many scientific studies examining cabbage juice, there’s no doubt this veggie contains a ton of healing compounds. In fact, recent data suggests one whole glass of cabbage juice will supply people with half of their daily requirement of vitamin C. Cabbage is also rich in antioxidants, which may explain its beneficial effect on skin and heart health. 

However, the top reason most people get into cabbage juice is its effect on the gut. Many people first hear of cabbage juice as a “folk remedy” for stomach ulcers. While there’s not enough science to support this claim, recent studies on rats strongly suggest cabbage juice has gut-healing properties.  

Interestingly, cabbage is one of the few foods that contain the amino acid S-methylmethionine. Some researchers have nicknamed S-methylmethionine “vitamin U” due to its purported anti-ulcer properties. This fascinating compound may be the main reason people who regularly drink cabbage juice report a reduction in ulcer-like symptoms. 

Is There a Difference Between Green and Red Cabbage?

Besides aesthetics, there’s one key difference between red cabbage and green cabbage: antioxidant levels. While both of these cabbage cultivars have loads of vitamins and minerals, it seems red cabbage has slightly higher traces of anthocyanins. Not only are anthocyanins responsible for red cabbage’s gorgeous color, they exert a potent antioxidant effect on the body.  

So, if red cabbages are available, they may be worth the extra few dollars for all those awesome anthocyanins.  

How Do You Make Cabbage Juice Taste Better? 

While drinking cabbage juice has obvious health perks, some people can’t get over its lackluster taste. Thankfully, there are a few ways you could cut cabbage’s sulphuric flavor without diminishing its nutritional profile. 

The most common way to improve the taste of cabbage juice is to simply add one green apple. While red apples also work well, they tend to have a higher sugar content versus green varieties. Plus, green apples generally have the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals.  

For those who don’t like apple juice, there are plenty of other fruits that could cover the cabbage’s flavor. For instance, some juicers use honeydew, orange, or lemon to make cabbage juice a pinch more palatable. Keep cycling through different sweet or sour ingredients till you find what tastes right.  

Are You Ready to Give Cabbage Juice A Try? 

Although scientists have yet to study cabbage juice extensively, nobody denies this veggie’s impressive nutritional profile. There’s also strong anecdotal evidence that cabbage juice has a tremendous effect on multiple bodily systems, especially gut health. Anyone looking for a cheap and easy health hack may want to add a glass of cabbage juice to their diet. 

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