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Benefits of Having an Exercise Buddy

There are various roads on the ongoing journey to fitness. One resource that stands out above many others is the enlistment of an exercise buddy.

Following a regular exercise program is one of the main pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Some people pursue their routine with enthusiasm and vigor while others groan their way into compliance. The key to long-term success lies in maintaining a positive mental attitude and a strong sense of accountability.

There are various roads on the ongoing journey to fitness. One resource that stands out above many others is the enlistment of an exercise buddy. Having a pal to share in the glory (and the days of defeat) can go a long way to helping you maintain a sense of focus. Just what can an exercise buddy do for you that you can’t necessarily do for yourself?

1.     Having an exercise buddy imposes a layer of accountability to your workout schedule. If you’re meeting your buddy at the gym for a body sculpting class or at the track for a morning run, you will probably think twice about blowing off your exercise for the day. Having to come up with a plausible excuse for not exercising can become more mentally draining than merely getting up and getting out there to fulfill your commitment.

2.     If you have a more competitive spirit, an exercise buddy can push you a little further as you struggle to keep up with or surpass your previous efforts. You’ll be less likely to cut your workout short if your exercise buddy is still pushing full steam ahead.

3.     Having an exercise buddy can turn the obligation of exercise into an enjoyable social time that you come to look forward to each day. Friends make life more interesting and enjoyable and having a partner in crime for your exercise program is no different. Exercise can quickly become a significant source of entertainment for you and your exercise buddy, and that’s a bonus to keeping your body fit and healthy.

4.     An exercise buddy can help you keep your workout program fresh. You’ll be more inclined to try some different workouts or fitness classes at the gym if you have an exercise buddy to inspire you.

5.     Keeping your appointed time with your exercise buddy forces you to plan. It’s no longer a matter of exercising if you can find the time, it’s now an issue of holding up your end of the bargain by being there on the day and time you have on your calendar.

6.     An exercise buddy can motivate you to make other healthy changes in your lifestyle. Exercise is only part of the equation. Better nutrition and stress relieving activities can make a significant impact on your overall health goals. An exercise buddy can be a valuable player on the journey with you.

7.     Having an exercise buddy can improve the exercise safety for both parties. If your workout takes you out of doors, there is safety in numbers. In the gym, your buddy can spot you during your workout on the machines. Everyone benefits from regular physical activity and nearly everyone benefits from sharing those goals with a kindred spirit. An exercise buddy can go a long way to helping you set your fitness goals, pursue the achievements of those goals and reach the level of strength and endurance you need to enjoy your life to its fullest.


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