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4 Reasons to Go Organic

More and more people are turning to organic food and products.

Photo by Brad Stallcup on Unsplash

More and more people are turning to organic food and products. Organic means that no fertilizers or harmful pesticides were used. Because of this, organic products can be more expensive, though many believe that it is worth the extra cost.

Here are some reasons to go organic.

Organic food is healthier. Not only is the food better for you, but you are minimizing the toxins that you are putting in your body. Too many toxins can cause serious health issues.

You also won’t be exposed to hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. You can be assured that the food that you eat (and products you use) haven’t been exposed to hormones and antibiotics. You also won’t be eating or using anything that is genetically modified.

It is better for the environment. Harmful chemicals aren’t good for the soil. These chemicals can even reach the water supply underground. In fact, organic farms are less damaging to the environment.

Organic farms also promote the humane treatment of their animals. Many people think that the conventional way of farming is cruel to animals. Not only are they kept in small areas, many are pumped full of hormones in order to make them grow as fast as possible and produce as much as possible. Animals that grow too fast often struggle to move around because their joints and bones didn’t catch up with them.

Organic farmers allow their animals to live as naturally in possible. They are given access to the outside world every day and aren’t fed anything other than the highest quality feed.

Going organic is a healthier way to live. It is also better for the environment. Toxins, antibiotics, and hormones can wreak havoc on the animals that we eat, our own bodies, and the environment. Organically raised animals also have more natural lives. They are given room to roam and are allowed outside on a regular basis.

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