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You’re Not the Only Person Awake at Night

If you suffer from insomnia, you may feel lonely when  everyone around you is asleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, you may feel lonely when everyone around you is asleep. The night can seem eerily still and silent at such times, inducing negative thoughts. But next time you’re lying awake in the dark, consider who else may be conscious at this time, and you’ll realize you’re far from being the only one. Here are twelve comforting examples of other people who will be awake, like you.

1. Shift workers 

Many people work night shifts, whether in factories, stores, telephone help centers or other organizations. In fact, chances are you know someone who works late at night or starts their day before dawn.

2. Bakers

You’ll expect to find fresh bread in your grocery store in the morning, but for that to happen, producers need to get mixing and baking well before daylight. By the time you bite into your breakfast slice, those baker’s may be half way through their working day.

3. Postal staff 

While you lie in bed at night, letters and parcels may be on their way to you. Train or truck drivers will be transporting them by moonlight to your nearest depot, for postal workers to sort before daybreak, ready for your postman to deliver later.

4. News teams

You may like to catch up on the latest news when awake in the small hours. It’s exciting to imagine all the journalists, editors, printers and cameramen around the world, working through the night to keep you constantly updated.

5. Weather forecasters

You’ll probablybe giving some thought to the day ahead while awaiting its arrival, and may wish to know what weather to expect. That’s no problem, of course, because the forecasters will be awake, too, monitoring the skies for round-the-clock updates to send you.

6. Parents 

If you know anyone with a baby, you can be sure they’re up and around at some point in the night, tending to its needs. Even babies who sleep through the night tend to settle late or wake early, but many wake up in the middle, too.

7. Nurses 

Hospitals and care homes need constant staffing, so there’s always a bustle of activity in these places, whatever the time. At night, the lights will be dimmed and voices muted to reduce disturbance, but the nurses will still be up and about.

8. Emergency services staff

The sound of sirens in the darkness of night can seem disturbingly ominous, but they also send comforting signs. They signal that the rescue teams are in action, providing help where it’s needed.

9. Cleaners 

If you go out to work, you’ll expect to find the business premises clean and tidy each morning. Many cleaners have to get up before dawn to reach their workplace in time for their early start, while others work late at night instead.

10. Writers

Some professional writers find they work best at night, and adapt their lifestyle accordingly. Whether it’s the peace and quiet, the inspiration of the moon and stars, or just the clarity of electric light, something seems to set them scribbling at this time.

11. Travelers

Look out of your bedroom window at night and you may see the red, blinking light of an airplane. Numerous flights take place at night, while countless trains, ships, trucks and other vehicles travel below.

12. Other insomniacs

Insomnia can be a very inconvenient and frustrating condition, but it’s also a very common one. Whatever time of night you find yourself lying awake, you can bet there’s someone doing just the same.

These are examples of other people who spend their nights awake. How about thinking up another dozen types – if you can stay awake long enough?


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