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Why You Lack Energy (And How to Get It Back)

Habits you carry out on a day-to-day basis are likely reasons you lack vitality.

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Do you feel drained of energy? If so, look for the cause and make amends. Habits you carry out on a day-to-day basis are likely reasons you lack vitality. These supportive tips will help you identify them.


Stress puts you under pressure, resulting in unconstructive thoughts, reduced energy, and a depleted immune system. The best way to manage tension is by creating a stress maintenance plan to fall back on when anxiety strikes.

Take up a mindful activity like tai chi, meditation, or deep belly breathing to replenish vitality. Engage in the practice you choose every day, and you will cope with anxiety well. You’ll learn to quieten your critical inner voice and enjoy peace of mind.

Insufficient exercise

You may not want to work out when you lack energy and exercising may sound counter-productive. However, apathy can stem from the blues and lift if you get your body moving. Sitting still for hours decreases motivation, and the desire to engage with life dwindles. Exercise will restore your get-up-and-go and help you feel good.

Need for sleep

You can recover from one or two late nights, but consistently going to bed after midnight and getting up early for work will make your energy drop. Most people need between seven and eight-and-a-half hours of shuteye a night. You’ll also benefit from adopting a night-time routine. Get into the habit of slowing down as the evening approaches and avoid excess mental stimulation for a better night’s sleep.


Sweating while exercising, overheating in hot weather, and consuming alcohol can lead to lack of hydration. Replace lost fluids after a workout, and get into the habit of alternating alcohol with glasses of water. Additionally, drink about eight tumblers of water a day and more when the temperature rises.


You’ll feel worn out if you have a medical issue that causes pain or discomfort. Dealing with the problem during the day, and remaining awake at night due to distress will drain your energy. If you suffer from an ailment that leaves you tired all the time, visit your GP to find a solution.

Unhealthy diet

Many processed foods steal energy while clean foods–those in their natural state–can have the opposite effect. Eating protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates will produce far more energy than candies, cakes, and fries. Regard food as fuel for your body and mind. Evaluate foodstuff before choosing to eat it or not, asking yourself its value in terms of energy. Will it give you zest or reduce your power?

If you’re tired, one or more of your habits may be to blame for your decline in energy. Look at your daily practices to find the reason for your lethargy and restore lifestyle balance. As a result, your vitality will return, and your mood will elevate.


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