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Beat Work Stress with These 5 Tips

Long day at the office? Feeling a little flustered? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with feeling stressed in the workplace on a daily basis.

Long day at the office? Feeling a little flustered? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with feeling stressed in the workplace on a daily basis. The key, however, is to take charge and make some simple changes to reduce your stress levels and better your mood.

5 Tip for Relieving Stress

1. Leave for lunch – While you may be dedicated to your job, it is vital that you take advantage of your lunch break. A change in scenery helps to break the monotony of the office scene and helps to revitalize your mood. It’s especially helpful during days when the weather is nice to find a place outdoors to sit and eat. The sunshine (which will boost your vitamin D levels) and fresh air can do wonders when you’re feeling stressed.

2. Take your breaks – Again, you will win no awards for being so dedicated to your work that you don’t get up and take your breaks. Your brain will benefit from the boost of physical activity after long periods of being confined to your desk, as will the rest of your body. If possible, turn your breaks into an opportunity for exercise by walking the halls or walking outside, if possible. Your breaks are meant to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to be more productive.

3. Meditate – Before you start your workday, take a few minutes to meditate or do some deep breathing exercises. These will help you to feel centered and bring the present into focus. If at any point during the workday things are starting to get to you, or on your breaks, do one or both of these exercises again. They only take up a few minutes of your time but can save you hours of feeling stressed out. 

4. Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is helpful for many people. You can use a diffuser or wax melter. Choose scents that appeal to you. Lavender is known for its relaxing effect, while citrus scents help to boost mood. If you don’t have room for a diffuser or wax melter, put a few drops of oil on some cotton balls and keep them in a baggie. When you start feeling tense, open the baggie and breathe deeply to experience the relief of aromatherapy.

5. Stay hydrated and nourished – You may love your coffee, but too much of it can cause the jitters and nervousness. It’s also not enough to keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated will improve how you feel throughout the workday. If you’re not a fan of plain water, consider hot or cold teas or flavored sparkling waters. In addition to hydration, nourishing your body with healthy food is also a must. If you can, pack yourself a healthy lunch. For snacks, try to keep things like nuts, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, or yogurt on hand. If you’re not already doing these things at work to relieve stress, now is a great time to start. It’s easy to feel run down and burned out, but fortunately, with the help of these tips, you’ll experience relief from what ails you.


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