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Mental Health

Body Image: How to Make Friends with Your Reflection

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? If your inner voice picks fault with your appearance, tells you that you’re too fat, thin, or unattractive, and you’ve made mirrors into enemies. You need to make friends with your reflection to increase your self-esteem.

How mirrors became your nemesis

Mirrors turn into enemies when you use them to attack your self-esteem. If you inform your reflection it is ugly, your self-image becomes diseased. Of course, mirrors themselves can do no harm. What you see in them depends on your perception. Your reflection echoes your self-confidence. If you are self-assured, you will feel fine when you look in the mirror and your inner voice will be pleasant rather than critical.

How to make friends with your reflection

No one tells themselves they are unattractive when they see their reflection unless they already have poor self-esteem. Negative beliefs about your appearance grow, however, when you continue to tell your reflection you aren’t good enough. The key to improving your self-image is to use mirrors to boost self-worth with positive words and thoughts.

Mirror therapy

The words you say when you look in the mirror have a powerful impact on your beliefs. If you’ve been telling yourself your nose is the wrong shape, your ears stick out, or you have a myriad of other faults, it’s time to stop. Speak positively to your reflection.

Tell yourself you look fine and seek attractive qualities. Doing so may be tricky because you’re used to being critical, but persevere. Start small and focus on your bright eyes or shiny hair. If you’re stuck, imagine you aren’t the person you see in the mirror. Think of your reflection as belonging to a stranger. Looking through someone else’s eyes will help you gain a fresh perspective and note your fine features.

Practice often

It’s necessary to praise your reflection regularly to override the habit of negative self-talk. Aim to do so at least three times a day if not more. If you catch yourself entertaining negative thoughts about your appearance, pause and correct them. Turn them into positive statements.

You may have told yourself you weren’t good enough in the past, but you can alter your self-image with positive words. Speak to your reflection like you would a friend, using encouragement and praise. Admire your fine qualities and allow yourself to experience appreciation when you look in the mirror. Soon, old pathways in your brain supporting negativity will fade as you forge new neural connections assisting a healthy sense of value.


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